• When I'm late: these ppl gotta chill I'm exactly where I got to be at this moment. God put me here for a reason, I ain't suppose to rush the universe.
  • When somebody else late: u stay irresponsible. Trash the fuck why u always late? How u go to work?? Lazy filth I've. Been waiting outside for 5 mins.... WHERE THE HELL U AT???!!

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justin bieber looks like the kinda guy that would take some of your fries without asking

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guys are so terrifying like they will really date a girl as a joke or make bets in their friend groups on who can fuck a girl first or take her virginity and that’s so scary this is a joke to them

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why feminism should include trans women


β€’ they’re fucking women

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Take ur girl to some artsy shit then fuck her out of the dress when yall get home

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*plucks an eyebrow hair* pretty hurts

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